If u like it…crown it.

well i have eagerly been waiting for ‘scandal’ season four and guess what its right in the corner and a hell of surprise scandal awaits my viewer ship. Even after the last three episodes all i ever did was fall in love with pope(Olivia’s dad) and queen. of course Olivia and Fitz too. ask me why i will tell you because they always fell in love for mysterious reasons.

Ever wondered why people fall in love? some its at first sight, others it evolves like the evolution story, others never understand the feeling till they are consumed by an ecstatic feeling that melts them each time they meet this particular person.

when i was in my junior school, falling in love was for parents. when a boy told me he loved me in high school, i thought he wanted us to try out kissing. and in college falling in love meant Public Display of Affection, holding hands on campus and having a life at night in the clubs and weekend visits in hostel rooms.

And yet today I realized people have different reasons for falling in love. Olivia falls in love with Fitz a married man and it makes her feel content and full of power. Queen on the other hand falls in love because the guys are not ordinary characters and that makes her love them for that. in Africa most communities value and emphasis marriage and bearing children, people fall in love to be married and make big parties and babies.

and i think what ever your reason is for falling in love what matters is the moment that sweeps you off your ground and swashes you away into an unknown arena like having an orgasm.

we have many beliefs and traditions that at times keep us apart with our desires and at times we fall in love with our worries marry our fears and end up divorcing our dreams because of constantly referring to our beliefs.

thus the only medication for this marital problem in the context is take proper dosage of 1*1. that is live each moment at a time. when you worry about your beliefs future and family a divorce is on the door knocking as that will be end of your dreams.

if you live every single moment as it rolls its self in, you will know the value of crowning what you like and always chasing to get it no matter what the impediments are.

First impression matters to me because i love on first sight.

however this gets to change along the course because i never make proper analysis on whether he fits in my checklist or not. so i get it the hard way either i leave him when he still wants me or i just go without giving a damn on what you think.

you can judge me if you want because i will have no answer as to why i would love someone i hardly know on first sight.However if you know the reason why people fall in love in love then you will have a kind judgment for me.

But for all my friends that are in less drama and dilemma when it comes to falling in love then i will call u geniuses and beg you to hold on tightly. if you haven’t crowned it yet then you probably are not sure of what it is yet and i will say welcome to my world but if you know and you like it … go ahead and crown it.


thief ,determined ,eternal- Death

when a writer said “Death be ye not proud” i always pondered about this phrase and my literature teacher always tried hard to make me think outside these lines. and yet till now i see no reason for death not to be proud.

he takes anyone he wants. Joan Reves made millions laugh even when she would use killer phrases and comments that complimented death that dint stop him from taking her. maybe he wanted the dead to have first hand laughter. she is a drop in the comic ocean of those he has galloped. and yet he is not yet satisfied.

presidents rise some fall and death takes toll others die in office with bigger visions than the Rwandan 2020. am talking of guys who have surpused third world poverty. lets not go that far where was Gadaffi’s Vision? am not talking about circumstances surrounding his death He’s dead anyway. why wouldn’t death be proud? i mean it carries no sacks of F**s to throw around at anyone or anyones dreams.

i wouldn’t wast my time justifying why he should be proud but i cant stop wondering why a well learned human being married with a son would pack all his God knows worries and a give a damn at whats happening and then hand himself to a a well known successful everlasting king of thieves that doesnt care who you are or what you have except for your soul. why would a man commit suicide?